“Dominion opens up the old world and makes it new again, inviting you in, engulfing you with a mysterious and the familiar, and in the end, one realizes that the story belongs to each of us.  This authentic and beautiful novel is about how America was truly made.”– Yiyun Li

“This incantatory, poetic, startling, thoughtful novel is a heroic act of exploration, feeling and imagination.  Book by book, young Calvin Baker is singing a whole new America into being.”– Francisco Goldman

“Calvin Baker has pushed the boundary of African American literature.”– David Anthony Durhan, The News and Observer (Raleigh)

“Baker draws on our most ancient myth, his diction is nearly biblical, and, in illustrating how dominion too often leads, not to contentment but a lust for more, he’s given us an epic that’s more relevant now than ever.”– Maud Newton, Newsday